Anvil Springstien

Born in Liverpool, Anvil left school with no educational qualifications whatsoever – and seeing a future of limited job prospects, promptly ran away to sea. After seven years before the mast, surviving hurricanes, typhoons, tempests, tornadoes… and the odd sunny afternoon, Anvil washed ashore off the coast of Portugal and spent the next two years living in a tent whilst traveling around Europe.

Bored with culture and damp clothing, Anvil returned to jolly old England and “blagged” an education grant. Following his degree, Anvil fell into various “dead end jobs; Barman, Social Worker, Journalist, Teacher etc’.” It was at this low ebb in his life that Anvil, out walking, decided to toss a coin: “Stay in teaching? Or follow a career in stand-up comedy and writing?”

Fortunately for audiences nationwide comedy won out.

Edinburgh Evening News said ""Wicked and hilarious.....Unique super fast brand of observational comedy....Flashes of genius""

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