Eddy Brimson

Most people get into stand-up in order to hack out a career in TV but as ever Eddy did things arse about face. Before turning to stand-up Eddy worked as a presenter on the Bravo TV show The Basement, covering topics ranging from the British Lawn Mower Grand Prix to a live Hair Transplant!

That said Eddy is still a regular talking head on TV programmes such as I Predict a Riot, The Confessions of Series, 100 worst Singles and the Britain’s Toughest Series.

In June 2010 Eddy played the part of goalie in mini soap FC Dave for Dave TV.

A prolific writer, Eddy has penned 7 best selling sports books with sales topping 220,000 in the UK alone. This has led to a cult following among football fans throughout the world; three titles have even been translated into Italian and Russian.

The Guardian said "The crowd loved him"

Chortle said "Brimson manipulates the mixture of laughs and pseudo-shock masterfully.... as the philosopher once said: 'It's the way you tell 'em' and Brimson certainly tells 'em with confident style."

The Sydney Herald said "There must be a school of comedy in the British Isles with the motto "never let the truth get in the way of a good story" ... if such a school exists Eddy Brimson would be top of the class"

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