Liam Mullone

Liam’s act relies on his sharp, florid way with words and surreal flights of intellectual fancy. These days he speaks eloquently on his key subjects of religion, prostitutes, stuffed toys, Leicestershire and chaffinches. He writes for ITV1, BBC Radio 1and BBC Radio 4, including The Now Show and the Arthur Smith Lectures.

Chortle said "tackles topics off the usual comedy palette ... with intelligence and a flick of surrealism. Rather than simply accepting the default comic impression that life is shit, he gives the impression he's thoroughly researched the idea both in academic theory and through the unforgiving practice of having lived a bit before coming to the same, cynical conclusion"

Evening Standard said "A refreshing sign that the cult of laddism is fading. Mullone will hit the bigtime"

Vivienne Clore, Jo Brand's agent said "Has a seriously stupid haircut. I suspect he's quite posh"

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