Martin Mor

Martin comes from Northern Ireland, and after a successful career as a circus performer, he turned his attention on the unsuspecting comedy circuit.
With over 25 years experience as a professional performer, Martin has established himself as one of the UK’s most popular and in-demand comedians.
Martin has performed successfully at events of all description; from the Hammersmith Apollo to a show for the inmates of an Italian prison, from comedy clubs to performing before members of the British Royal Family.
Very much the comedian’s comedian, Martin has been the support act of choice for; Frankie Boyle, Jack Dee, Lee Evans, Jasper Carrot, Patrick Kielty, Johnny Vegas, Steve Coogan, and once Tina Turner.
With numerous appearances on radio and television, Martin has worked at all levels of the industry; being a warm up man, devising and performing his own television show, and writing jokes for some of the biggest names in British comedy.
Martin’s photograph is featured on the popular board game Trivial Pursuit (The Genus Edition). On an arts entertainments square, he is seen wearing a leotard.

Time Out said "Off beat, unusual, outrageous"

Frankie Boyle said "Martin is the act that has influenced me the most, the UK comedy circuit would not be the same without him"

The Scotsman said "He wore us out with laughter. Irrepressible exuberance."

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