Michael Smiley

Dour-faced Irish comedian Michael Smiley has been amusing, informing and entertaining punters for nearly 20 years. He first broke into the public consciousness in 1993, when he took the runners-up sot in the prestigious So You Think You’re Funny new act competition at the Edinburgh Festival. Michael has since become a popular and regular face at Edinburgh as well as spreading his wings to become a favourite at all the major clubs and comedy festivals at home and around the globe.
Born in Belfast in 1963, Michael uses his experiences of growing up in Northern Ireland during the troubles to good effect, proving that, in the right hands, even terrorism can be funny. An anecdotal comic, he ploughs a fertile furrow of amusing material from both his own childhood and that of his children with wife Miranda. Also the master of the one-liners, delivered in a disarmingly lateral style, Michael Smiley keeps his audience guessing his mix of the serious, the surreal and the stupendously funny.
A regular face on TV stand-up shows like The Comedy Store, Michael has also taken his laconic look into the world of acting and comedy drama, with appearances as cycle courier Tyres O’Flaherty in Spaced, a handful of different roles in Al Murray’s Time Gentleman Please, an Irish itinerant in Sean Locks 15 Storeys High and even a dash for Dickens as Phil Squod in the 2005 adaptation of Bleak House.

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