Miles Jupp

Miles Jupp is a Perrier nominated comedian, actor and writer. He started performing stand-up on the Scottish circuit in 2000, and the following year won both So You Think You’re Funny and The Leicester Mercury Comedian of The Year. Two years later, he was nominated for the Perrier Best Newcomer Award at The Edinburgh Festival. Since then he has gone on to become a regular on TV and Radio as well as at all the best clubs around the country.

The Thick Of It (BBC2)
Rev (BBC2)
Tank Commander (BBC2)
Balamory (CBeebies)
Live Floor Show (BBC)
You Must Be Joking (Channel 4)
Loose Ends (BBC Radio 4)
The Motion Show (BBC Radio 4)
Miles Jupp’s Real World (with Frankie Boyle) (BBC Radio 4)
Newsjack (BBC Radio 7)
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Pheonix
Sherlock Homes
Dagenham Girls

The Scotsman said "“I could listen ,without a scintilla of exaggeration, listen to Miles Jupp every night of August,and still not tire of his delightful wordsmithery and mellifulous tones”"

The Guardian said "“The Crisply funny Jupp is a genteel treat” "

Time Out said ""Jupp is intelligent, charismatic and one of the most accomplished raconteurs around""

GQ said ""GQ has seen him take a jaded crowd and reduce them to a hysterical frenzy. There are very few comedians that you can put in front of any audience at any time only for them to elicit roars of laughter within seconds, but Jupp is undoubtedly one of the greats""

The Independent said ""Miles Jupp's gloriously offensive posh-boy persona makes for an hour's great entertainment""

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