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Keith Carter began his stand up career in Liverpool’s Orgasmic Comedy Club after half a bottle of gin, three pints of bitter and a packet of crisps (flavour unknown). He was booed off but returned a week later with the novel idea of telling some jokes and he found that the audience preferred this to the stream of abuse that he had used the previous week. He then discovered that audiences liked his gags better when told by someone else which led him to… Nige.

Nige may look like any ordinary scally (skaeli – n. Informal a scamp; rascal) but beneath his shell-suit lies a wealth of intelligent, if slightly odd, gags and stories. Watch open mouthed as he explains how superheroes should make their money, hold back a tear as he explains his father’s drug-related death (a box of Lemsips fell on him) and reel back with amazement as he travels through time before your very eyes.

As well as being a character comedian Keith is a talented comic actor, a freelance writer for Radio 2 and 4 and a writer for theatre and other comics.

2008 Daily Post Arts Award
2003 Liverpool Echo Comedian of the Year
2005 North West Breakthrough Comedian of the Year
2001 Finalist in the BBC New Comedy Awards

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