Patrick Rolink

Since first appearing on the comedy scene in 2002, Patrick has established himself as one of the hardest working and most likable comedians around. A regular at comedy festivals through out the UK, he has also taken the stage at prestigious venues including Highlight and the Comedy Store as well as playing Broadway for Tartan week and even made it to the bright lights of Las Vegas when he took to the stage at the Riviera Casino. Tom Jones eat your heart out!

His larger than life charachter coupled with the warmth of his personality has made him a favourite with audiences the length and breadth of the country. His limited edition dvd ‘The Bhoy From The Bush’ sold out, proving that the ‘Big Man’ can cut it away from the comedy clubs.

Partick also gets involved in the promotion side of comedy, running the successful ‘In Your Face’ comedy clubs as well as organising the annual Lanarkshire Comedy Festival.

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