Paul Adams

In March 1990 Paul found himself in an A level English class minus the long essay which was both overdue and necessary to not only complete the course but to be allowed to finish school at all.

‘Adams!’ Barked Ms Butcher, yep, real name. ‘Where is your essay?’

‘I haven’t done it.’ He replied, perhaps with a little too much glee.

‘Why not?’

‘I am leaving school, I am going to be a Bluecoat!’

Four days later he was onstage performing his first ever comedy show in front of an audience made up of complete strangers.

It’s twenty six years later now and Paul has enjoyed a successful career covering all genres of stand-up comedy. Comfortable in theatres, clubs, studios and on cruise ships. Happy to open, headline or MC, Paul is a popular comedian with audiences, agents and bookers because of his easy going style, his professionalism and his work ethic.

After three years as a Bluecoat Paul was offered a summer season on the island of Jersey. He reluctantly left Pontins and started six months of 12 shows a week. At the end of the season he called his old boss and was told he couldn’t come back ‘You’re a professional comic now…’

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