Roger D

This international comedian and actor has travelled the world with his rapid fire, thought provoking, no prisoner-taking, in-your-face comedy at its most distinctive and remarkable British best. This giant maverick explores faith, race and why women can’t stop talking His comedy routine is a delight and his casual chat up style conceals an acute sense of timing. Roger D’s observation on everyday life combined with his physical characterizations leaves audiences in stitches.

Leader of the old school or leader of the new school you decide Roger D has performed at the best comedy clubs in the UK He is a regular at the all powerful Highlights Comedy Club, Comedy Store, Jongleurs and the Glee to name but a few.

ROGER D’s successful tour ‘Stand up Black Britain’ along with TV credits to his name dating back to the infamous 291 show at the Hackney Empire and includes the BBC Sketch show ‘the Real McKoy’.

London Evening Standard said "Simply Superb"

Time Out said "The best act by miles is Mancunian Roger D with his easy scally style"

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