Sandy Nelson

Actor and musician Sandy began Stand-up comedy in 1997. His knowledge of and passion for music lead him to satirize the current music scene and those pop stars associated with the dumbing down of populist art and culture. He was an instant hit and has gone from strength to strength. He has had two succesful Edinburgh Fringe shows, Bedroom Popstar and Stand Up-The Musical. As the most omnipresent bit-part comedy actor in Scotland, from Bravehart, via Rab C Nesbitt and The Book Group to Still Game. The Rev Obadiah has refers to him as The Steve Buscemi of Scottish Comedy.

The list said ""He could give musical comedy a good name if he's not careful.""

The Herald said ""You just have to hear him sing and you know what he's all about. The boy is a natural""

The Scotsman said ""A surefire gag-fest of material. Natural charm and superb audience awareness.""

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