Steve Best

Steve Best is a great visual comedian, harnessing a mind-boggling array of gadgets and gags to keep his audience in stitches. Funny, frenetic and mad, his act can feature anything from blowing up a woman and eating balloons, to cutting his hand off and doing press-ups on his willy.
His unique form of slapstick comedy is backed up with astounding talent; he plays the guitar like a genius is fluent in Serbo-Croatian and can juggle five pilchards while driving a purple tractor.
Steve has performed his unique style of comedy all over the world, and hopes to go even further afield. As well as performing in such places as Bali, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Cape Town, Bosnia, The Falkland Islands, he has played in near enough damn it every comedy club in Britain. He has supported Frank Skinner, Craig Charles and Omid Djalili on huge nationwide tours.
Steve co-produced the show Abnormally Funny People in 2005 and is one of two directors of Abnormally Funny People Ltd, set up in 2006, a company and show that were conceived to incorporate disabled comedians and actors into the mainstream arena. Steve is the token non-disabled participant.

The Times said ""In a class of his own""

Time Out said ""Inspired collection of visual japes""

Newcastle Comedy Festival said ""One of the most original and inventive comics on the circuit. Steve Best's act defies description. One 0f the great clowns of our time" "

Cape Times (South Africa) said ""Steve Best delivers an extraordinary set, a mix of brilliant cartoonish slapstick and visual humour that is unquestionably the highlight of the evening. His finale is an outstanding display of comic virtuosity""

The Guardian said ""He doesn't have a hat with bells on, but Steve Best still would have made a great medieval court jester. His act is a wonderfully daft succession of stupid props and silly pratfalls - a welcome break from straight stand-up. Best eats balloons, shits knotted hankies, does DIY dentistry and pumps up a blow-up doll while playing the theme tune from The Deer Hunter.""

Graham Hughes, BBC said ""like a children's party entertainer from hell, he seems to be on a mission to squeeze every last laugh out of the crowd with his non-stop gaggery, magic tricks, sound effects, guitar playing, and wonderfully random zaniness. Comparisons with Tommy Cooper are a no-brainer, but Best captures the fervent energy and the utter bonkers hilarity of the late fez-wearing funnyman with aplomb, reinventing the bumbling magician act for the twenty first century with the aid of a blow-up sex doll and an Elvis mask""

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