Steve Harris

Steve’s comedic ability comes from his flexibility and warm nature. Whether he’s dealing with hecklers or his mum has found out where he’s playing there’s always a level of warmth in his attack even if it is pre-emptive. Whatever age or walk of life you’re from Steve has something for you, guaranteed to have you breathless with laughter, a master of the obvious and a Ninja of the not so obvious, you’ll be hit so hard by a punch line you won’t know where it’s come from.

His most obvious asset is his ability to get any audience on his side, a well-crafted act and a will and confidence to survive outside of it, is what sets Steve aside from many of his peers. “I couldn’t lift my hands to wipe the tears of laughter from my face” Chortle. With most comedians you might get laughs with Steve you get a guarantee

1998 Northwest Comedian Of The Year

Daily Post said "Fancy dancing, quick one-liners and a surprisingly good singing voice"

Echo said "Nobody has made rap this funny since Vanilla Ice"

City Life said "Steve Harris is a hip-hopping, gag-spinning bundle of joy, go see him now before he gets too big"

BBC website said "Quit simply, fantastically funny"

The Guardian said "He's caustic and witty, a good all-rounder"

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