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Geoff Norcott

Everything Geoff Norcott does is under-pinned by enthusiasm, optimism and a sharp comic mind. Whether it be on the comedy circuit, where Geoff’s abundance of energy combined with a storming mix of observations, impressions and satire has made him a hugely popular act both in the UK and abroad.
Or on television, where Geoff went from co-presenter to become the main anchor on the WKD Shed Sports Show – his sharp one-liners becoming a popular feature of the nightly debates. Geoff has also filmed a comedy drama pilot for the BBC, and was a key part of the ‘SPOOF’ impressions show line-up on BBC1. Geoff also takes the aforementioned qualities into his growing number of radio appearances, including frequent guest spots on Talksport’s ‘Hawksby & Jacobs Show’, where he endeavours to see the funny side of cricket.
As a former teacher, Geoff is a refreshing and humorous commentator on any issues related to education. Also emerging as a vibrant writer, having written for ‘Parsons & Naylor’ on BBC radio, MTV, and been a commissioned writer for Nuts TV.

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