Janey Godley

Multi-award-winning Scottish comedienne, playwright, award-winning blogger, best-selling author and former Scotsman newspaper columnist Janey Godley has performed her comedy shows and one-woman play around the world, including off-Broadway in New York. She is a regular on BBC Radio 4’s Just a Minute.
In 2006, Janey was nominated and was close runner-up for the annual Scotswoman of the Year title as ‘the most inspirational woman in Scotland’; at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, she won the Spirit of The Festival Award.
A regular 5-star performer at the Edinburgh Fringe, in 2008 she won the Fringe Report Award as ‘Best Performer’ and two Nivea Funny Women Fringe Awards – as ‘Best Stand-Up’ and, overall, for ‘Best Show’ as “one of the most prolific and extraordinary stand-up comedians working in the UK”.

Daily Mirror said ""Janey is a true revolutionary delivering raw, unpretentious comedy at its best""

Scotsgay said ""has my face sore by the end... making us laugh so much we almost forgot to breath""

Time Out said ""A stand-up so personal in approach I wouldn't be surprised if she breast-fed the front row""

Guardian said ""One of Scotland's finest onstage treasures... Compelling... ballsy... a breath of fresh air""

Daily Mirror said ""The most outspoken female stand-up in Britain... The most ribald and refreshing comedy talent to have risen from the slums of Glasgow since Billy Connolly" Daily Telegraph "Clever, passionate and lyrical... She is a very rare talent indeed""

The Scotsman said ""Punchlines which have the audience screaming with laughter... Effortless stream-of-consciousness riffs that Virginia Woolf might have written had she only had a pawky sense of humour... Truly inspired... She's not afraid to say the virtually unsayable""

New York Times said ""Some of the sharpest-elbowed comedy in the world""

Metro said ""Darkly comic anecdotes that induce gales of laughter""

Independent on Sunday said ""Foul-mouthed, sarcastic... so down-to-earth she's underground""

The Sun said ""The female Billy Connolly... outrageously candid""

London Evening Standard said ""sends a chill through you even as you are laughing .... mindbogglingly colourful""

Time Out said ""an astonishing past that's taken her from Glasgow gangland to off-Broadway playwright, best-selling author and award-winning stand-up... Respected... Accomplished... She's a ballsy, in-your-face comic... One comic you would want on your side in an after hours pub brawl.""

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