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Jeff Innocent

Jeff Innocent had a typical east London upbringing. Born in a workhouse, his mother died in childbirth while his father was in Newgate prison. As a child his first job was for an undertaker but after ill treatment at the hands of his alcoholic governor he escaped and joined a gang of child pickpockets who preyed on the toffs who frequented the west end of London. Although finally falling foul of the Bow Street Runners he was rescued from prison by one of his former victims a posh professor and no mistake who attempted to civilise Jeff from his feral ways. It wasn’t long however before Jeff yet again fell in with a bad lot and he was eventually transported to a penal colony. After a daring escape he worked his passage back to England on a tea clipper. From then until becoming a stand up comedian and actor of note Jeff has worked variously as a chimney sweep, a fruit and veg stallholder, a fishmonger at Billingsgate Market, a footballer playing inside right for West Ham Utd and a driver for the Kray Twins.

No Signal (FX)
50 TV Tuff Guys (Sky)
The Comedy Store Presents (Paramount)
The Stand Up Show (BBC 1)
The National Lottery Show (BBC 1)
Later With Jules Holland (BBC 2)
Time Gentleman Please (Sky)
Real Eastenders (Ch4)

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