Paul Zerdin

Paul Zerdin is without doubt this countrys top ventriloquist. He began his career as a magician at the age of 15 and, after ruining his GCSEs, decided that the only thing he could do was to go into showbusiness. For the next five years he appeared up and down the country on the club and holiday camp circuit honing his magic while slowly introducing his stand-up comedy and ventriloquism. At the age of 20 he landed his first proper TV job as presenter on GMTVs childrens programme Rise and Shine.

Some years later Paul won ITVs nationwide Big Big Talent Show hosted by Jonathan Ross. Since then he has appeared regularly on the Royal Variety Show and on ITV’s Tonight at the London Palladium with Bruce Forsyth. Among many other TV shows, Paul has appeared in Shirley Bassey’s 60th Birthday Special for LWT (during which his puppet, Sam, had the nerve to sing one of Shirley’s own songs to her), BBC1’s Generation Game, Late Night With Jerry Springer, Open House with Gloria Hunniford, Today with Des and Mel and, for Sky TV, Undercover Magic. He’s starred in TV commercials, too, for Kelloggs, Persil and Honda, and has entertained British forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Scotsman said ""Every now and then you stumble across a finished article, a show so polished it shines. Paul Zerdin: Sponge Fest is one of these shows. A ventriloquist at the top of his game, Zerdin is so sure of his skills and so in control of his material that he isnt just performing hes showing off, clearly having as much of a laugh as his audience.""

Three Weeks said ""Zerdin has a sense of comic timing that other comedians should take note of, and an amazing skill which separates him from others. When you are not laughing you are simply in awe."" said ""has the audience laughing, clapping and cheering""

Evening Standard said ""If you think the words brilliant and ventriloquist have no place in the same sentence, go and see Paul Zerdin for some brutal re-education""

The Times said ""Just to underline that the big names were not going to have it all their own way, the loudest applause went to Paul Zerdin who is reviving the unfashionable art of ventriloquism""

The Observer said ""Yes, ventriloquists can be funny too. Zerdins puppets are sharp tongued, malicious little bastards. Avoid the front row, especially if youre ugly""

The Sun said ""Paul Zerdin and his ginger nut sidekick Sam didnt so much steal the show as pull off the Light Entertainment equivalent of the Brinks-Mat raid""

Time Out said ""Paul Zerdin is in a league of his own. That he's the UKs most accomplished and well-known ventriloquist is beyond doubt... pure audience-gratifying magic." "

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