The One & Only

Andy White

Masterfully blending a kaleidoscope of voices with his trademark wit


Andy White is a dynamic, self-assured, and delightfully eccentric Brummie comedian, whose infectious energy and iconic afro leave audiences reeling with laughter.

Masterfully blending a kaleidoscope of voices with his trademark wit, Andy crafts comedy that is as clever as it is cheeky, often drawing from his mixed-race background to infuse his routines with a refreshing perspective on both the mundane and the topical.

Andy’s comedic prowess knows no bounds, having brought joy to audiences of all ages across the globe. From comedy clubs to theaters, corporate events to university campuses, and even on the airwaves of radio and television, Andy’s performances consistently leave a lasting impression.

A headline act up and down the UK, Andy has forged strong ties with all the major clubs and promoters in the industry, earning a reputation as a standout performer wherever he goes.

His extensive media appearances include memorable moments on the BBC New Comedy Awards on BBC Choice and Brand Spanking New on BBC Radio 7. Notably, Andy clinched victory on the Weakest Link comedian’s special, a triumph that became a highlight of his acclaimed five-star Edinburgh show, ‘It Started With A Quiz,’ in 2007.

This success was preceded by his well-received one-man show at the 2005 Leicester Comedy Festival, ‘Young, Gifted and Beige,’ establishing Andy as a comedic force to be reckoned with on both stage and screen.

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