A Fearless Comedy Maverick

Angie McEvoy

She fearlessly tackles taboo subjects and societal norms, leaving audiences both laughing and contemplating the status quo.


Angie McEvoy, a comedy trailblazer known for her unfiltered wit and fearless approach to humor, has carved a unique path in the world of stand-up comedy. Hailing from the UK, Angie’s comedic journey began with a passion for making people laugh and an irreverent perspective on life.

With an energetic stage presence and a no-holds-barred attitude, Angie McEvoy’s performances are a rollercoaster of laughter and entertainment. Her comedic style fearlessly tackles taboo subjects and societal norms, challenging the status quo and sparking thought-provoking conversations.

As a pioneer for women in comedy, Angie has broken barriers and paved the way for other female comedians. Her bold and authentic approach to humor has earned her admiration and respect from audiences and fellow comedians alike.

Beyond her live performances, Angie McEvoy’s talents have been showcased on television and radio shows, further solidifying her status as a comedic force to be reckoned with.

With an unwavering dedication to her craft and a passion for pushing comedic boundaries, Angie McEvoy continues to shine as a comedy trailblazer. As she fearlessly shares her unique perspective on life, her legacy as an unapologetic and fearless comedian remains firmly etched in the hearts of those fortunate enough to experience her unforgettable performances.

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