The One & Only

Anthony King

Devilishly droll deadpan delivery and impeccable timing, coupled with a repertoire of clever one-liners.


Anthony may seem like your average bloke at first glance, but his journey into comedy took an unexpected turn after he found himself ostracised by the Catholic Church for his overly detailed confessions. Embracing his twisted sense of humour, Anthony has since become a fixture at major comedy clubs across the UK and beyond, with performances reaching as far as the Netherlands, Dubai, Majorca, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain.

His devilishly droll deadpan delivery and impeccable timing, coupled with a repertoire of clever one-liners, have solidified his reputation as one of the most polished performers on the circuit. Blending elements of truth from his own life with a generous sprinkling of fiction, Anthony’s act is a captivating blend of comedy and storytelling.

But Anthony’s comedic talents aren’t confined to the stage alone. He’s also made his mark on television, appearing on shows like Granada’s “MAD FOR IT,” Meridian’s “HOUSE OF FUN,” and UK Gold’s “LIVE AT JONGLEURS.” Additionally, he participated in a live internet broadcast titled “LIVE FROM LONDON.”

Beyond stand-up, Anthony is recognised for his writing prowess, with credits including a sketch show for Granada, a series of offbeat short stories, and a pilot sitcom for Radio 4. He was also selected to join THE COMEDY FACTORY, a team of writers tasked with developing various television concepts for Carlton and KDR Productions.

In his hometown of Leicester, Anthony has taken on the role of mentor, organizing comedy workshops since 2003. These workshops have been immensely popular, producing a new generation of comedians who have earned acclaim both locally and nationally. Thanks to Anthony’s guidance, these aspiring comics have found their voice and made their mark on the comedy scene.

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