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Ava Vidal

Ava Vidal is a performer of cool composure with a past that adds layers to her intriguing persona


Ava Vidal is a performer of cool composure with a past that adds layers to her intriguing persona. From being a teenage mother to earning her stripes as a prison officer at Pentonville, her journey to stand-up comedy was sparked by a pivotal moment watching Chris Rock.

Becoming a mother at just 18, Ava spent five years in the challenging environment of a prison guard before comedy beckoned. A single viewing of Chris Rock’s routine ignited her passion for stand-up, and soon she found herself gracing the stages of the comedy circuit, captivating audiences with her wit and charm.

Balancing the demands of motherhood with a hectic schedule of club dates and television appearances, Ava is a true multitasker. Her talents have taken her across continents, performing in the UK, America, Canada, and Australia, all while occasionally delving into journalism.

Ava’s television presence has grown steadily since she made waves as the BBC New Comedy Awards’ lone female finalist in her debut year. Her credits include esteemed shows like Mock the Week, Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, and Comedy Central’s The World Stands Up. Notably, she was also featured in the documentary From the Top, which chronicled her journey from her roots to her rise in the comedy world.

Beyond comedy, Ava has made her mark as a commentator, contributing to programs like The Wright Stuff, Daybreak, and ITN News, as well as penning articles for The Independent and The Guardian. Her acclaimed solo stand-up show draws from her own experiences of facing racist abuse, turning adversity into fuel for her comedy.

In a lighter vein, Ava has appeared on various “Top 100” shows, offering her unique perspective as someone who’s navigated both success and setbacks in the entertainment industry.

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