The One & Only

Bas Rahman

Bas is set to redefine the landscape of comedy with courage, wit, and a contagious sense of humour.


Bas Rahman, a trailblazing Muslim comedian, hails from the vibrant streets of Comedy Bazaar, where wit and wisdom are exchanged like spices in a market. Growing up with a comedic spark and a keen sense of observation, Bas embraced the art of stand-up to navigate the sometimes tricky terrain of race, religion, and culture.

Bas’s comedic journey is a narrative of breaking stereotypes with a microphone in hand. As a Muslim woman, Bas fearlessly takes the stage to tackle issues surrounding race, religion, and cultural expectations. With a razor-sharp wit and an unapologetic approach, Bas invites audiences to confront the uncomfortable truths with laughter as the guiding light.

Bas’s comedy is a rollercoaster through the shadows of societal norms, often delving into the dark, the blue, and the uncomfortable. However, amidst the edginess, Bas’s performances are always a celebration of fun and laughter. By pushing boundaries, Bas sparks conversations and challenges preconceived notions, making each punchline a step towards understanding.

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Jongleurs @ConcordClub Eastleigh

Fri July 12 • 20:00
The Concorde Club

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