Kiwi Stand-Up with a Fearless Flair

Benjamin Crellin

With a career spanning several decades, he has firmly established himself as a respected and internationally recognised comedian, captivating audiences with his witty one-liners and fearless approach to humour.


Benjamin Crellin stands tall as a true pioneer of Kiwi stand-up comedy, making his mark on the comedy scene since 1995 when he was just eighteen years old. Embracing his unique blend of kiwi staunchness, mischief, and fun, Benjamin has become an internationally respected comedian, delighting audiences with his slick one-liners and thought-provoking observations.

As a trailblazer, Benjamin was the first act to grace the stage at New Zealand’s only dedicated comedy club, The Classic in Auckland, cementing his position as the youngest professional stand-up in the country for several years.

Fearlessly delving into hard-hitting subjects, Benjamin’s stand-up tackles everything from religion and race to conflict and sexuality. With an unparalleled ability to find hilarious angles in areas where others may hesitate, his intelligent writing leaves audiences in stitches while contemplating profound topics.

Benjamin’s comedic prowess transcends borders, showcasing his talent on the international stage. In 2004, he took the spotlight at the prestigious Montreal Just for Laughs Festival alongside fellow Kiwi comedians, Flight of the Conchords. His 50-date solo tours across Canada (2004, 2005) and a 13-date tour in South Africa further solidified his global reputation.

With his stellar performances and acclaimed writing, Benjamin has headlined shows across England, Scotland, Ireland, Croatia, Spain, Bahrain, and Dubai, leaving audiences in each location in fits of laughter.

Having written and toured eight solo shows, his acclaimed production “GAGSS4THEMASSES” garnered rave reviews, earning him an invitation to perform for the second consecutive year at The Vancouver International Comedy Festival, once again sharing the stage with Flight of the Conchords.

As a comedic force with an unwavering dedication to his craft, Benjamin Crellin continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of comedy, captivating audiences both near and far with his fearless flair and unique Kiwi humor

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