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Bob Mills

Known for his sharp wit, storytelling prowess, and engaging stage presence


Bob Mills is a seasoned comedian with a career spanning decades, known for his sharp wit, storytelling prowess, and engaging stage presence. Born and raised in London, Mills began his journey into comedy in the late 1970s, quickly establishing himself as a prominent figure in the UK comedy scene.

Throughout his career, Mills has showcased his comedic talents across various mediums, including stand-up, television, radio, and writing. His observational humor, often infused with a touch of cynicism and irony, resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

Mills gained widespread recognition in the 1990s with his critically acclaimed TV show “In Bed with Medinner,” which ran for several series and showcased his unique blend of comedy and insightful interviews. He also hosted the popular late-night talk show “Late Night with Bob Mills” on ITV.

As a stand-up comedian, Mills has performed at renowned comedy clubs and festivals both in the UK and internationally, captivating audiences with his quick wit and relatable humor. He’s known for his ability to effortlessly engage with the crowd, weaving together hilarious anecdotes and astute observations on modern life.

In addition to his work on television and stage, Mills has enjoyed success as a radio presenter and writer. He has contributed to various radio shows and penned articles for newspapers and magazines, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and talented entertainer.

With his wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to his craft, Bob Mills continues to entertain audiences around the world, leaving a lasting impression with his unique brand of comedy.

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