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Brendan Burns

He is known for his aggressive stage performance and offensive material


Brendon Burns, an Australian comedian who has made his mark primarily in the UK, is known for his bold and confrontational style of comedy. Making his debut at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1996, he quickly gained attention by hosting The Comedy Zone showcase of new acts and presenting his first solo show, “6pm Time To Get Up For Work.” Since then, Burns has been a regular fixture at the Fringe, with the exception of 1999. In 2007, he clinched the prestigious if.comedy award, the festival’s top prize, for his show “So I Suppose This Is Offensive Now.”

Renowned for his live solo performances, Burns has released six CDs capturing his electrifying stage presence and razor-sharp wit. His comedic talents have also taken him to comedy festivals in Montreal and South Africa, further solidifying his reputation as a formidable force in stand-up comedy.

In addition to his live shows, Burns has delved into writing, penning his first semi-autobiographical novel, “Fear of Hat Loss in Las Vegas,” which was published by Transworld in August 2010. He has also ventured into the realm of podcasting, launching “The Brendon Burns Show” in 2014. The podcast features a blend of interviews and stand-up as Burns travels the world, offering listeners insights into his comedic journey and personal adventures. Notable highlights include a travelogue series with his son Luke, where they race across the Australian outback, adding a unique and personal touch to his podcasting endeavors.

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