Fearless Provocateur of Comedy

Carey Marx

A fearless provocateur of comedy, has earned a reputation as a comedic force with his razor-sharp wit and boundary-pushing humor.


Carey Marx, a comedy maverick with a sharp edge, has made a lasting impression on the world of stand-up comedy. Born and raised in England, Carey’s comedic journey began with a natural talent for finding humour in the unexpected and an irreverent approach to storytelling.

With a fearless stage presence and a penchant for pushing boundaries, Carey Marx’s performances are a rollercoaster of laughter and thought-provoking insights. His ability to seamlessly blend clever wordplay with dark humour creates a unique comedic experience that captivates audiences.

As a seasoned comedian, Carey Marx has graced stages at major comedy festivals and venues, earning him critical acclaim and a loyal following. His appearances on television shows such as “Live at the Apollo” and “Comedy Store” have further solidified his status as a fearless and beloved entertainer.

Beyond his comedic pursuits, Carey Marx has also delved into writing and acting, showcasing his versatility and creativity in various artistic endeavors.

With a genuine passion for challenging the norms and making people laugh, Carey Marx remains a revered figure in the comedy landscape. As he continues to fearlessly explore the realms of humour, his legacy as a comedy maverick with a sharp edge remains firmly etched in the hearts of those fortunate enough to experience his extraordinary talent.

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