The One & Only

Chris Cairns

Sharp put downs and a fine eye for a cutting remark


Chris is renowned as one of the most reliable hands in the comedy scene, regularly commanding some of the toughest rooms across the UK. With a captivating charm and natural enthusiasm, he effortlessly captivates audiences. Despite not appearing lightning-fast on his feet, Chris compensates with his lightning-quick wit and sharp thinking. His ability to improvise and think on his feet has made him not only a sought-after compere but also a seasoned headline act.

Chris’s reputation precedes him when it comes to handling challenging audiences, armed with a repertoire of sharp put-downs and a keen eye for a cutting remark. As a regular compere at Rawhide in Liverpool, he has earned recognition nationwide as both a friend to the audience and a formidable adversary to hecklers.

Beyond the UK circuit, Chris has embarked on successful tours in Dubai, Spain, Holland, and Ireland, showcasing his versatility. Notably, he displayed his range by starring in The Royal Court’s pantomime alongside John Bishop, demonstrating his ability to excel in diverse comedic settings.

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