The One & Only

Dan Nightingale

Celebrated for his keen observational wit and razor-sharp punchlines.


Fresh out of university in the early Noughties, Dan began his journey in the world of comedy by working behind the bar at a local comedy club. Little did he know, this humble start would lay the foundation for his future career. Within months, he found himself stepping onto the stage for the first time, and from that moment, he was thrust into the spotlight of the comedy scene.

Dan emerged as one of stand-up’s brightest stars, showcasing a natural flair for performance and an undeniable originality. On stage, he effortlessly blends cutting observation with playful banter, seamlessly transitioning between raucous humor and beautiful surrealism. His comedy is marked by genuine authenticity, creative ingenuity, and an unpredictable nature that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Above all, Dan’s humour is uproariously funny, leaving audiences in stitches with each and every performance.

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