True gem in the world of comedy

Daniel Foxx

With his natural, easy-going delivery and razor-sharp jokes, he has swiftly earned his spot as one of the most exciting emerging talents in the comedy scene.


Daniel, a London-based comedian and writer, is a true gem in the world of comedy. With his award-winning talent and effortless style, he has rapidly become one of the most captivating new acts on the vibrant UK comedy circuit. His performances are a delightful blend of easy-going delivery and razor-sharp jokes that leave audiences in stitches.

Not limited to just the stage, Daniel has taken the digital world by storm with his comedy sketch videos, amassing a massive online following and millions of views. This digital prowess has added another dimension to his already impressive comedic repertoire.

On the screen, Daniel has showcased his comedic genius on BBC One and BBC Three as part of the prestigious BBC New Comedy Awards. His versatility as a performer and writer has earned him accolades, including a Writers’ Guild Award nomination, Winner of the Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence, and Finalist in the esteemed Chortle Student Comedy Awards.

Daniel’s comedy knows no bounds as he fearlessly explores a range of topics, from growing up gay to pop culture and politics. With a light touch and quick wit, he skillfully finds humour in unexpected places, leaving audiences charmed and entertained.

As he continues to captivate audiences with his talent and charm, Daniel is undoubtedly a rising star in the comedy world, and his journey to greatness is only just beginning. Keep an eye out for this comedy virtuoso as he continues to leave his mark on stages across the UK and beyond.

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