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Daniel Townes

Engaging anecdotes are peppered with rib-tickling punchlines.


Daniel Townes is a standout in the Australian comedy scene, captivating audiences with his unique and laid-back stand-up style. Despite his relatively short time in the industry, Daniel has quickly risen to prominence, earning a spot alongside comedians with twice his experience. His fresh and captivating brand of humour consistently leaves crowds in stitches wherever he performs. With his intelligence, sharp wit, and masterful control over his audience’s laughter, Daniel Townes is rapidly gaining international fame and recognition.

Having impressed audiences across the globe in countries like Singapore, Germany, Spain, and Canada, Daniel has become a seasoned performer on the international circuit. He’s graced the stages of prestigious comedy festivals in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, and the Edinburgh Fringe. Whether it’s a corporate event, private party, or commercial show, Daniel Townes is a top choice for any comedy event, guaranteed to entertain and delight. Reach out to see if he’ll be performing near you and if he’s the perfect fit for your event.

In his comedy style, Daniel exudes a relaxed confidence, drawing audiences in with his captivating storytelling. His engaging anecdotes are peppered with rib-tickling punchlines that keep the laughter rolling. With an astute understanding of his audience’s tastes and psyche, Daniel delivers the perfect blend of observation, cringe, blue, and black humor to keep them laughing until the very end. A smart and refreshing comic, Daniel Townes is a must-see performer.

On stage, Daniel effortlessly warms up the crowd with his low-energy delivery before hitting them with the most hilarious lines, leaving everyone in fits of laughter. He skillfully improvises humour from the complexities of modern life, garnering massive responses from his engaged audience. Fearless in tackling even the most morbid subjects, Daniel’s extraordinary wit consistently delivers uproarious jokes. A valuable addition to any event lineup, Daniel Townes guarantees to provide the best entertainment value.

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