The Charismatic Comedy Conjurer

Danny Buckler

With a captivating stage presence and a bag of tricks up his sleeve, Danny delivers a unique and mesmerising performance that leaves audiences enthralled.


Danny Buckler, the charismatic comedy conjurer, has been captivating audiences with his unique blend of stand-up comedy and magical illusions. Hailing from the UK, Danny’s comedic journey began with a passion for entertaining and a knack for making people laugh.

On stage, Danny Buckler’s performances are a delightful fusion of humour and magic. With his quick wit and engaging stage presence, he seamlessly weaves comedy into his mesmerizing illusions, leaving audiences spellbound and in stitches.

As a seasoned comedian and magician, Danny Buckler has earned recognition for his ability to combine the art of magic with the art of comedy. His charming personality and impressive skill set have made him a favorite at comedy clubs, corporate events, and festivals across the country.

Beyond his stand-up and magical performances, Danny Buckler is also a talented writer and presenter, showcasing his versatility and creativity in various entertainment ventures.

With his infectious energy and magical talents, Danny Buckler continues to enchant and entertain audiences worldwide. As he fearlessly conjures laughter and wonder, his legacy as the charismatic comedy conjurer remains firmly etched in the hearts of all who experience his extraordinary talent.

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