Hilarious observations and witty one-liners

Jay Rawlings

With a knack for finding the funny in the mundane, Jay effortlessly weaves together hilarious observations and witty one-liners, creating a comedic symphony that resonates with people from all walks of life


Jay Rawlings is a multi-talented comedian and writer, known for his unique blend of sharp observational humour and relatable storytelling. With a background in stand-up comedy, improv, and writing, Jay has honed his comedic skills over the years and has become a sought-after performer on the UK comedy circuit.

Originally from London, Jay’s comedy often draws from his own experiences and upbringing, offering a fresh and authentic perspective that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds. His quick wit and natural stage presence make him a captivating performer, effortlessly connecting with the crowd and keeping them in stitches throughout his sets.

In addition to his live performances, Jay has also gained recognition as a writer, contributing to various comedy shows and publications. His knack for finding humour in everyday situations and exploring the absurdities of life makes him a true comedic talent to watch.

With a growing fan base and a reputation for delivering hilarious and memorable performances, Jay Rawlings continues to leave a lasting impression on audiences wherever he takes the stage.

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