Laughter and wonder collide in a whirlwind of comedy and magic

Otiz Cannelloni

With his dapper charm and mischievous grin, Otiz invites you on a journey through a realm where reality and illusion intertwine, and nothing is quite as it seems.


Otiz Cannelloni, the enigmatic and charming comedic performer, has been enchanting audiences around the world with his unique blend of magic, stand-up comedy, and wit. Hailing from somewhere “between the truth and a complete lie,” Otiz brings his larger-than-life persona to the stage, captivating audiences with his quick-witted humour and mesmerising magic tricks.

With a background in street theater and circus arts, Otiz’s performances are a delightful blend of comedy and illusion, leaving audiences in awe and stitches simultaneously. His act is filled with unexpected twists, misdirection, and clever wordplay that keeps the audience on their toes and laughing throughout the show.

Since his early days as a street performer, Otiz Cannelloni has honed his craft to perfection, and his talent has taken him to prestigious comedy festivals, theaters, and comedy clubs worldwide. His unique style and ability to effortlessly switch between comedy and magic have made him a standout performer in the comedy circuit.

Otiz’s act is a true testament to his love for entertaining, and his genuine passion for bringing joy to his audience shines through every performance. With his trademark cigar, hat, and infectious smile, Otiz Cannelloni is an unforgettable entertainer who continues to leave audiences spellbound and laughing long after the curtains close.

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