The One & Only

Phil Dinsdale

Masterclass in sharpness and honesty.


In the comedic realm, Phil Dinsdale stands as a seasoned performer with a distinctive edge, drawing inspiration from his upbringing in a resilient North East town and his former life as a steelworker. This background, coupled with his keen observations, allows Phil to craft a comedy style that seamlessly weaves cynicism, astute observation, and a generous dose of good old-fashioned humor.

Phil’s delivery is a masterclass in sharpness and honesty, tackling human nature, contemporary issues, and the labyrinthine corridors of his own tangential mind with equal parts wit and tongue-in-cheek charm. His performances serve as a comedic journey, inviting audiences to join him in a candid exploration of the blatantly obvious while he comfortably pokes fun at everything in sight.

Across the country, Phil has become a familiar face in the comedy circuit, gracing stages for renowned clubs and promoters such as Highlight, Jongleurs, Comedy Cafe, Outside the Box, Laughter House, Buzz, Out of Bounds, Gag Club, Barnstormers, Jesterlarf Comedy Club, Punchline Comedy (International), and many more. His ability to connect with audiences from all walks of life is a testament to the universal appeal of his humor.

Not content with merely taking the stage, Phil Dinsdale is also the visionary founder of “Gagging for Laughs,” a platform dedicated to promoting comedy events in the South East. Through this venture, Phil continues to contribute to the thriving comedy scene, providing audiences with laughter-filled experiences that linger long after the curtains close.

So, buckle up for a comedic rollercoaster led by Phil Dinsdale, where the echoes of his North East roots and steelworker past converge with a sharp, observational wit. Allow him to guide you through the realms of the blatantly obvious, all while reveling in the sheer joy of poking good-natured fun at the intricacies of life.

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Jongleurs @Hertfordshire Studios

Sun September 22 • 20:00
Hertfordshire Studios

Hertfordshire's Funniest night out...

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