Timeless Comedy Duo that Strikes a Chord

Raymond & Mr Timkins Revue

Raymond and Mr. Timkins Revue, a comedic pair like no other, have been delighting audiences with their timeless humor and musical brilliance for decades.


Raymond and Mr. Timkins Revue, a dynamic comedic duo, have been enchanting audiences with their unique blend of comedy, music, and impeccable timing for over three decades. With a partnership that spans the test of time, Raymond and Mr. Timkins Revue have firmly established themselves as one of the most beloved and enduring acts in the entertainment industry.

Raymond (played by Johnny Millar) and Mr. Timkins (played by Tim Shortall) joined forces in the early 1980s, and their partnership quickly proved to be a match made in comedy heaven. Combining Raymond’s dry wit and deadpan delivery with Mr. Timkins’ musical talents and clever comedic routines, they have crafted a performance that is both side-splittingly funny and truly unforgettable.

Their unique comedy style combines stand-up, sketches, and musical interludes, creating a diverse and engaging show that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. With a repertoire that includes a mix of classic vaudeville-style humor and contemporary wit, they appeal to audiences of all ages, making them a true family favorite.

Throughout their illustrious career, Raymond and Mr. Timkins Revue have performed on stages all over the world, from prestigious comedy festivals to sold-out theaters. Their impeccable timing and seamless interaction with the audience have earned them critical acclaim and a devoted following of fans.

Beyond their live performances, Raymond and Mr. Timkins Revue have also made memorable television and radio appearances, showcasing their talent to a broader audience. Their timeless humor and musical virtuosity have earned them spots on various programs, making them a cherished presence on the airwaves.

As a testament to their enduring legacy, Raymond and Mr. Timkins Revue continue to bring laughter and joy to audiences with their delightful performances. With their unparalleled chemistry, boundless creativity, and genuine love for entertaining, they remain a beacon of laughter in the comedy world. As they continue to spread joy through their unique brand of comedy and music, Raymond and Mr. Timkins Revue’s legacy as a beloved comedic duo is set to stand the test of time.

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