Witty observations, catchy musical numbers, and infectious stage presence

Richard Morton

With over three decades of experience in the comedy world, Richard has honed his craft to perfection, delivering an unforgettable blend of laughter and melody.


Richard Morton is an accomplished comedian and musician known for his unique blend of humour and musical talent. With an extensive career spanning over three decades, Richard has become a well-respected and beloved figure in the comedy circuit.

Starting his journey in the late 1980s, Richard quickly gained recognition for his sharp wit and intelligent humor, earning him accolades and critical acclaim. He became a regular on the comedy club scene and showcased his musical abilities, playing guitar and piano, adding an extra dimension to his performances.

Richard’s act is a delightful mix of stand-up comedy, witty anecdotes, and original songs, making him a true triple threat on stage. His ability to craft clever, observational humour, combined with catchy tunes, has won over audiences far and wide.

Over the years, Richard Morton has also made notable appearances on television, including stand-up performances on shows like “The Comedy Store” and “Comedy Nation.” He has also featured in comedy specials, demonstrating his comedic prowess to a wider audience.

Beyond comedy, Richard is a gifted musician and songwriter, adding a touch of musical finesse to his live shows. His original songs have received praise for their clever lyrics and catchy melodies, adding an extra layer of entertainment to his performances.

Throughout his career, Richard Morton has remained committed to making audiences laugh while showcasing his musical talents, ensuring that each show is a unique and unforgettable experience. His ability to connect with audiences through laughter and music has solidified his place as a true entertainer, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who has the pleasure of witnessing his comedic talents on stage.

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