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Roger Monkhouse

Roger Monkhouse is a highly accomplished and revered comedian, celebrated for his unique style and unparalleled wit. With a career spanning over three decades, Roger has established himself as a comedic powerhouse, captivating audiences with his sharp observations, impeccable timing, and razor-sharp delivery.


Roger Monkhouse stands out as one of the most original and distinctive acts in the comedy scene today. A consummate stand-up performer, he possesses a deadly combination of charm and menace that allows him to effortlessly command and captivate any audience.

With his trademark stage-prowling style and curious, inimitable manner, Roger has solidified himself as one of the hottest names on the comedy circuit. His performances are a testament to his highly original and quirky approach, leaving spectators in stitches and eagerly anticipating his next punchline.

Not only is Roger a seasoned corporate host who excels at improvising with the crowd, but he also stands out as a comic of great intelligence and wit. His material showcases a keen eye for a finely crafted phrase, effortlessly blending easy observational humor with the cleverly crafted jokes of an accomplished gag writer.

Since his debut in 1990, Roger Monkhouse has been a regular fixture at renowned venues like The Comedy Store and The Glee Clubs, as well as major comedy clubs across the UK and around the world. In recognition of his talents, he was voted Best Compere by his fellow comics in 2016. Additionally, his appearances on GB News’ Headliners and features on Unsafe Spaces (Radio 4) have further solidified his reputation as a comedic powerhouse.

Roger’s mastery lies in his ability to deliver both hysterically funny and thought-provoking material. His observational comedy is unparalleled, with routines that are unfailingly brilliant and relevant. He fearlessly tackles current events, ensuring that his material remains fresh and up-to-date, providing audiences with a captivating and intellectually stimulating experience.

Articulate, quick-witted, and spontaneous, Roger Monkhouse’s comedy is a testament to his exceptional talent. With his sharp comedic instincts and ability to find humor in the news of the day, he guarantees laughter and a memorable performance. Whether on stage or in the headlines, Roger is a comedic force to be reckoned with, delighting audiences with his unparalleled wit and intelligent humor.

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