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Sharon Wanjohi

Sharon Wanjohi, a comedy maverick known for her fearless approach and unconventional humour, has been making waves in the comedy world with her unique perspective and razor-sharp wit.


Sharon Wanjohi is a rising stand-up comedian known for her diverse act that spans from shock comedy to the absurd. With notable achievements as a finalist in the Chortle Student Comedy Awards and Funny Women Stage Awards, Sharon has quickly made a name for herself on the comedy circuit. With just two years under her belt, she fearlessly delves into topics such as children’s films and the unconventional allure of cartoon characters, sparking laughter and controversy alike. Her thought-provoking take on Ratatouille as a commentary on race is just one example of her unique perspective on popular culture.

In 2022, Sharon showcased her talents in the Channel 4 online series “Jokes Only A … Can Tell” and made an appearance on “The Big Breakfast,” further solidifying her presence in the comedy scene. Looking ahead to 2023, she has already made notable appearances on “The Laura Whitmore Breakfast Show” and is set to feature in the fifth series of ITV’s “The Stand Up Sketch Show.”

Sharon’s performances have garnered praise from critics and industry insiders. Steve Bennett of Chortle described her as having a spark in her performance and hailed her memorable zingers, highlighting her wit and engaging stage presence. Her ability to tackle sensitive topics such as race and gender with sarcasm and a relaxed smile has earned her accolades and positioned her firmly on the “one to watch” list.

As Sharon Wanjohi continues to make her mark on the comedy landscape, her unconventional humor and fresh perspective promise to captivate audiences and challenge societal norms. With her witty delivery, memorable insights, and an arsenal of comedic talents, Sharon is a rising star destined for even greater success. Keep an eye on this dynamic comedian as she fearlessly pushes boundaries and delivers laughs in her own distinct style.

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