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Stella Graham is a British comedian known for her sharp wit and engaging stage presence. Hailing from Coventry, England, Stella’s comedy often blends observational humor with a unique personal touch, allowing her to connect with audiences from various backgrounds. With a relaxed yet confident demeanor, she effortlessly brings her stories to life, often sharing personal anecdotes that resonate with her listeners.

Stella’s comedic style is grounded in her own experiences, weaving tales that range from family dynamics and relationships to everyday mishaps. She has a knack for turning the mundane into the hilarious, drawing from her interactions with people and her life in both the UK and New Zealand. This duality gives her a broader perspective, enabling her to find humor in cultural nuances and the little absurdities of life.

Beyond the stage, Stella is a prolific writer, contributing to various comedic projects and creating content for online platforms. Her versatility extends to television and radio, where she has made several appearances, showcasing her quick wit and adaptability. Stella’s career has seen her perform at renowned comedy festivals, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where she has gained a loyal following for her relatable and engaging performances.

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Cheshunt Football Club

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