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Sully O’Sullivan

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Sully’s comedy is a celebration of his Irish roots, seasoned with a pinch of absurdity and a dash of observational brilliance. From tales of misadventures in Irish pubs to reflections on the quirks of modern life, Sully weaves a tapestry of laughter that transcends borders and tickles funny bones around the globe.

Edinburgh Fringe Revelry: The Edinburgh Festival Fringe became Sully’s playground for comedic triumphs. His solo shows were a spectacle of uproarious laughter, earning him critical acclaim and a devoted fan base. Sully’s ability to navigate the fine line between clever commentary and sheer silliness made him a standout performer amid the chaos of the festival.

As Sully O’Sullivan continues to traverse the comedic landscape, there’s no doubt that more laughter-laden adventures await. From international comedy tours to collaborations that defy comedic norms, Sully is set to keep the world smiling with his Irish wit and boundless charm.

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Jongleurs @TheStirrupCup

Mon December 16 • 19:30
The Stirrup Cup

Celebrate the holiday season with a dose of laughter as Jongleurs Comedy Club returns to Stirrup Cup on December 16th, 2024! Join us for an unforgettable evening featuring three of the UK's top comedians, promising a night filled with festive hilarity.

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