Irresistible energy and candid wit

Suzi Ruffell

Her performances are a rollercoaster of emotions, taking audiences on a hilarious journey through her life experiences and observations.


Suzi Ruffell is a dynamic and charismatic comedian, celebrated for her engaging storytelling and unapologetic humor. Hailing from Portsmouth, UK, Suzi’s rise in the comedy world has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a passion for comedy from a young age, she took the stage for the first time in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since.

Suzi’s stand-up sets are a delightful blend of personal anecdotes, social commentary, and witty observations on everyday life. Her ability to connect with audiences on a deep level and share relatable experiences has made her a favorite on the comedy circuit.

Over the years, Suzi has honed her craft, earning praise and admiration from fellow comedians and critics alike. Her unique perspective on life and keen sense of humour have led to numerous appearances on television shows, including Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week, and The Jonathan Ross Show.

Beyond her stand-up success, Suzi has also ventured into podcasting, co-hosting the popular show “Out with Suzi Ruffell,” where she engages in candid conversations with a diverse range of guests.

With her infectious energy, authentic charm, and unwavering dedication to her craft, Suzi Ruffell continues to make her mark in the comedy world, leaving audiences laughing and inspired by her fearless approach to life and comedy.

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