comedic powerhouse known for her blend of intellectual humour and witty insights

Tania Edwards

With a background in law, she approaches comedy with a unique perspective that combines her sharp intellect with a knack for finding humour in the everyday


Tania Edwards is a comedic force to be reckoned with, known for her razor-sharp wit and unique perspective on life. With a background in law and a talent for making even the most complex issues hilarious, Tania’s comedy is a perfect blend of intelligence and irreverence. Her quick wit and impeccable timing allow her to tackle everything from relationships and social dynamics to current events with finesse. Tania’s performances are a masterclass in storytelling, as she weaves together relatable anecdotes and clever observations to create a comedic tapestry that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds. As a regular on the UK comedy circuit and a sought-after performer at major comedy festivals, Tania Edwards is a true gem in the world of stand-up, leaving audiences laughing and thinking long after the curtain falls.

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Upcoming Tania Edwards Shows

Jongleurs @OdeonCamden

Thu October 26 • 19:00
ODEON Camden

Jongleurs Comedy Club is your ticket to a world where the stage bursts into life with the most side-splitting live comedy shows.

Jongleurs @Concord Club

Fri October 27 • 20:00
The Concorde Club

Jongleurs Comedy Club invites you to a world where the stage resonates with the uproar of live comedy shows, promising an entertaining experience for everyone

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