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Tony Law

Matt Law is a rising star whose sharp wit and clever observations have earned him a reputation as one of the most promising comedians on the scene


Matt Law is a rising star in the world of comedy, known for his sharp wit, clever observations, and engaging stage presence. With a background in writing and performing, Matt’s comedic journey has taken him from local open-mics to headlining shows at some of the UK’s most prestigious comedy clubs.

Hailing from a small town in the Midlands, Matt’s humble beginnings have given him a unique perspective on life that he skillfully translates into hilarious comedy. His performances are a mix of witty one-liners, clever wordplay, and relatable anecdotes that have audiences laughing from start to finish.

Matt’s comedic talents have not gone unnoticed, and he has been recognized for his exceptional performances at various comedy competitions and festivals. He has earned accolades and praise from fellow comedians and critics alike, solidifying his position as one to watch on the comedy circuit.

Aside from his stand-up prowess, Matt is also a talented writer, contributing to various comedy projects and creating content that showcases his sharp comedic mind. His versatility as a performer and writer makes him a force to be reckoned with in the comedy industry.

With a passion for connecting with his audience and a relentless drive to perfect his craft, Matt Law continues to win over audiences wherever he performs. His ability to find humour in the ordinary and deliver it with impeccable timing sets him apart as a true comedic talent.

As he continues to make waves in the comedy world, Matt Law’s star is undoubtedly on the rise, and audiences can expect even more laughs and unforgettable performances from this comedic dynamo in the years to come.

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Jongleurs @Cromer Community Centre

Fri May 3 • 20:00
Cromer Community Centre

Jongleurs Comedy Club launches its newest venue at Cromer Community Centre on May 3rd, 2024!

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